About Crumbs for a Cause

Baking has been my solace and a way to show kindness to friends, neighbors, and others that just need something sweet to brighten up their day. I never expected baking to become anything more than a hobby. During this stay at home time, there have been a few times when we just wished of a magic "sweet treat" delivery service or food truck that would come on by with bread after dinner or during morning coffee – there is definitely a need in the market! I have received quite a number of requests for breads, bars and other treats and have offered to pay for the supplies and my time. My husband has been encouraging me to take this as an opportunity to not only do something I enjoy at a larger scale but also find ways to give back to those in need and to the community. A $2 donation will be made for all regular size items and $1 for the smaller size. I am excited to introduce "Crumbs for a Cause". If we are going to enjoy a sweet treat, why can’t we do some good in the community? All baking is in accordance with Will County’s adoption of the Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act - Sec. 3.4., Home kitchen operation. Baked goods are produced in a home kitchen. All treats may contain dairy, nuts, wheat/flour.

About Kelly

I feel so blessed to be able to do something I enjoy and I am excited to contribute to some great causes. I'm a mom and wife. I'm an elementary teaching assistant. Baking is something that started for family and friends, and I'm eager to share my treats with others, while supporting great causes.

Most of my recipes connect me to a memory or loved one. The apple bread is my grandmother’s recipe – very special to me. The lemon poppy seed is a reminder of a fun trip to upstate NY with my friend Sarah. The blueberry buttermilk banana bread reminds me of baking time and exchanges with my friend Bonnie years ago. Some of the treats include my homemade jam, which I learned from my mother, passed on by my grandmother. The recipes change over time, but the memories live on forever. If you enjoy sweets like my boys, there will be nothing left but crumbs.

A family and friend favorite

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

This is a family and friend favorite, especially my husband Ken and my friends Sarah and Wendy. I remember when I made this bread for a training session Ken was facilitating at work. He shared with me the training survey feedback in which everyone raved about the bread! His colleagues would sign-up for future training sessions in hopes for more baked goods. After baking this bread comes the best part - adding the orange and lemon drizzle to the top and sides until it glistens with a sweet glaze.

Place your order

We are working on an on-line ordering system. For now, feel free to send me your orders by e-mail, phone, or Facebook IM. To start, I will be baking on a weekly cycle so please allow a few days notice in order to allow me to buy the proper supplies.

Contact Information

708-420-5439 | Phone

kellyacygan@gmail.com | E-mail

Pickup and Delivery

Pickup for free / no minimum

We deliver to Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Woodridge, Darien, and Naperville

Delivery fee of $4.00

Mimimum order of $20.00 for Delivery